Why you will never be like those Instagram-girls (raw and unedited)

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Because no one is like that. Some people aren’t really what they ‘post’ to be. 

Filters? Oh please, that’s so 2015. Apps to make your face flawless without anyone noticing, slimming apps. Fake life: a girl who posts a picture of champagne and luxury life might be living in a dodgy area and having a 1/3 of your salary, one who posts pictures of amazing flowers got them after her bf cheated on her..again. A ‘happy family’ may not very happy or not even a family, those abs are just a good light and that Chanel bag is probably for resale. A girl with Monaco picture could have paid a very wrong way to be invited. You do not know anything.

It becomes not about sharing your life anymore, it is about faking it. 

You do not know reality. When I was about 21 I saw this girl online.I think it was Facebook back then. She was just one year older than me. Oh, My God, her pictures were so perfect. Amazing style, clothes I wouldn’t dream of buying at that time, so much make-up, but kind of cool. At that time I haven’t seen many of such chicks yet. I spent about half a day going through her feed, pictures…basically stalking. Total Girl crush. And then I found a video. I watched it. Her language was disgusting, she was talking absolute rubbish and even her mimics were so arrogant and fake. I had a strange feeling I could not explain. Like I was tricked. Like a kid who found out Santa is a drunken douchebag. 

I never say that you can’t really have an amazing relationship, clean skin, great trips and expensive wardrobe. All I am saying that 90% of Instagram it’s faked, and none ever should question their life, their worth and their relationship because of it. 

I myself remember coming back to parent’s and my friend told me ‘you have an amazing life in London, partying all the time’. In fact, I wake up at 5 am every day, by in the gym by 7, come back home by 23-00 and having a VERY occasional drink…most of the time on my sofa paralysed with tiredness. Never had time for parties, some rare meet ups I would post. But I chose to share some nice things, something what I think is pretty, good, inspiring, worth it. Not my undereye bags and tears on a meltdown after not sleeping properly for months, as I am definitely not into a public drama (or any drama) as well. So Instagram is my life…just filtered. And yet, it still looked faked at that time without me intending it to.

We all need a fairy tale to believe in, and I am a big lover of pretty pictures myself -spread positivity. But to the extent it is sane. So if you ever feel like you are not good enough, your life is too plain, you are not pretty and don’t have enough money – remember that this is real life -your beauty is what’s inside you, your health, family/friends are not worth than anyone else’s and that NOONE is that Insta-perfect. 

And when Instagram becomes not motivational but distortion maybe it is time to take a break.



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  1. November 19, 2017

    Hello! I stumbled upon your website looking for a high protein pancake recipie and really enjoyed this post! Thanks for the honesty that us hard working women are normally tired out and needing the occasional meltdown : ) My bf is still in bed, I’m about to cook breakfast, and then do grad school homework until he wakes up : ) Keep up the good work!

    • November 19, 2017

      Haha, thank you so much for sharing! It is hard to remember sometimes that it is ok to have a meltdown and that we all need a break sometimes 🙂 In this world, it is important to say ‘well done’ to yourself! Hope you found some pancakes too 🙂 Best wishes! x JJ


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