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It took me quite a few breaths to avoid total panic…2,5 kg!!! I mean fair enough, I was on holidays eating whatever I wanted, drinking lots of wine and tasting all things sugar. But still, how is it that it takes me a couple of months to get into shape and then my body just happily loses it in 2-3 weeks like it was never there. So unfair. I knew thought that I put on weight, I am not blind. Just didn’t want to know the exact number. But my gym had a free health check so I thought why not. This is why. Grrrr 

I went back to the mat to do some stretches and pushed myself into thinking it’s not as bad as it seems. At the end of the day, I am not planning to shred now, ‘winter is coming’, and I did want to concentrate on building my strength and fitness this autumn/winter season. Finally, my ‘Project Comeback’ was already planned. So I will kick ass again soon enough. 

‘Project Comeback’ 

Any project needs a good plan. And this is mine. 

  1. Set up a goal. 

Most important part of your fitness journey is setting up goals correctly. I use SMART technic in my work in fitness and I think there is nothing better than that. To set up your goal, follow this acronym 

Specific – be specific in what you want to achieve. What is your final result? I have a few goals at the moment. As well as my generic goals of becoming fit and being able to do long HIIT sessions and train like a soldier, my specific goals are, for instance, to learn to jump really well with cool ticks on a skipping rope, learn to do handstands. and do 1 months of hot yoga. Of course, you need to choose one to start with. So I set my goal to be: complete cycling challenge at the end of September. I will be telling more about it on my Instagram, but basically, 21-23 of September me and my work colleagues are going to cycle Hadrian’s wall to raise money for charity. The first day is 55 miles….I have never cycled outside to start with. 

Measurable – this is a tricky one, as I cannot just say ‘do 15 push-ups’ or something. I guess ‘150 km’ of Hadrian’s wall will be my measure.

Attainable – every goal should push you but it is important to make sure it is achievable. Mine is, is yours? 

Realistic – is it realistic? getting a 6-pack in 1 week, for example, is not. I have 1 month to get fit enough to do the challenge, I believe this is possible. 

Time-bound – make sure to set a deadline for your goal and work towards it. I also suggest using more ‘tunnel vision’. ‘ Be fit next summer’ is too far away and will not keep you going for long. Set smaller goals with tighter deadlines on the way to your big one. 

2. Plan 

Once the goal is set (and written down of course), you need a plan. Nothing happens without a plan. This time I have decided to take a ‘week-by-week’ approach and make a plan (and a mini-goal) only for 1 week ahead keeping in mind work and travels and any time-consuming events. 

I plan 2-morning gym cycle sessions for the week ahead, weightlifting gym session and 2 HIIT ones. I planned my food and did my Sunday meal prep. 

3. Get your ‘KIT’ ready 

I made a few playlists on Spotify: 1 for my crazy cycling sessions, so I can put resistance up and down and move slower and faster to the bit, having fun and not being bored. 

Most important  I prepared my sportswear. As much as I feel like a slug and want to wear baggy comfy trousers, I know that good sportswear helps your performance and makes you feel better. Moreover, it actually makes you look fitter too! I notice a massive difference in the mirror when I wear smth ‘bought it cause it was cheap on the high street’ and my SKINS Sportswear. MASSIVE difference. It gives my not-yet-fit body a good shape and with Skins compression sportswear I feel like I can do more and have less sore muscle after. This peach top and black leggings became my second skin and are my absolute favourite outfit! I know when I am wearing Skins I am going to absolutely smash my workout today! 

Check out SKINS amazing new collection and feel free to use my JULIE20 discount code for your 20% discount! I cannot wait to try their new outfits and these full-body-cover ones look like a fitness addict’s gym must-have for this winter! 

4. Keep your eyes on the prize. 

I know I will feel down sometimes realising I cannot do exercises as well as I used to. Feel sad that I have lost my shape which I worked on so hard. But I promise myself now, to keep my eyes on the prize, move at my own pace but move every day forward, be kind to myself and embrace the journey. 

So are you with me? 


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