My Wonderful Autumn with Hello Day!

Every season has its impact on your body. And despite all the beautiful yellow leaves and pumpkin tarts, to be honest, I was really not looking for the Autumn one. Autumn comes with grey miserable days, dark evenings and mornings, rain, lots of comfort food cravings and as a result a few extra pounds on our waistline and dry hair to top all this. 

But this Autumn was different, and now, when it is almost finished I can say I feel great. And I can tell you my secret. This is because I spent this Autumn with my Hello Day Autumn Box – their amazing vitamins and supplements that were so professionally and carefully prepared and combined by their team. 

I always take vitamins, despite eating healthy, I do realise that nowaday’s food is not as full of nutrients as it used to be and with all the pollution and unslept hours the modern person faces – vitamins are a must. But it was always my concern, that not being a pharmacist, I was not sure how to combine them. Because not many people know, that some supplements can stimulate benefits of others. So getting a box prepared especially for your body’s seasonal needs – is absolutely fantastic. 

And let me tell you, these are not some basic vitamins, just look at a few ingredients of each of the boxes!

Immunity Shield (15 sachets to dilute with passionfruit flavour)

Purple flower fruits extract – helps with sleep problems and anxiety 

Elderflower fruits extract – helps with weight loss, boosts immune system, reduces appearance of wrinkles and age spots, helps to get rid of a cough

Siberian ginseng roots extract – good to prevent flu and cold and to boost your immune system, helps to normalise your heart pressure 

Vitamin C –  growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. It helps the body make collagen, an important protein used to make skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels.

Beauty (60 caps 2 per day)

Horsetail extract – has antioxidant benefits, great for hair, skin and nails, heals wounds and helps to reduce acne 

Cystine – antioxidant, boosts brain function and detoxifies your liver

Vitamin B6 – helps with metabolism, liver and nerve function, eye health and boosts your energy levels 

Selenium – helps defend against cancer, boosts the immune system and helps blood flows

Zinc – helps with digestion, infertility, hair loss, weight control 

Balance (30 capsules) 

Magnesium – increases energy, calms anxiety and nerves, helps your sleep 

Rhodiola roots extract – absolutely amazing for fat burn and increasing brain power 

Digestion (mint flavour)

Rosemary leaves extract – great for memory and concentration, prevent brain ageing and of course, helps digestion 

Sweet tamarind fruits – eases stomach discomfort 


Impressed? No wonder I did not gain any weight this Autumn and was energised to train, eat healthy food and my skin and body feel better than before. But..what now? 

Winter, we are ready for you!!! I have sneaked out some info, that Hello Day is Launching their Winter Box on 23 of November! How exciting is that? And I want each of you to feel amazing this winter season, so I have got…

A DISCOUNT CODE! USE CODE ‘ HELLOJJ ‘ to get your 10% off on anything on their website

Let’s have a wonderful winter 2018. 


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