La Poule Au Pot (Sloane Square, London)

Any restaurants app will tell you that this place is perfect for romantic dates and it will not lie. I was lucky to dine here with a heavy summer rain outside and warm candle lights inside. Take here your loved ones, situated near Sloane Square towards Victoria – this restaurant is your portal to France.


Firstly, the menus are all in French, you might ask your waiter to explain you some dishes if you are not familiar with them, though waiters and all the restaurant staff is French too. Some people dislike this, however, I find this great. Maybe it is some English mentality to expect everyone speak their language, however, I enjoy the feeling of me being completely transferred to some tiny hidden restaurant in Paris, trying to practice french, realise it is almost forgotten and order a bottle of wine to help me.

You can check out the menus here and keep in mind, portions are very generous! Starters are as big as the main course in most restaurants, be aware. We went for a late lunch/ early dinner and tried the Déjeuner Table d’hôte Menu. I must say everyone was happy with their food and as for my personally tried –

Rillette de saumon (Salmon Terrine) – this was a big starter, better share it if you want some space left for the main. And it is quite a plain salmon dish, nowhere to hide. A generous portion of fish, perfectly cooked, a good start if you are hungry. Don’t forget to accompany with some good wine.

IMG_9897Raie au beurre noir (skate with black butter) – This left a mark on my heart. Big mark. I was cooking every fish I could get with such capers butter for a few months after. I am in love with this dish and will have the same next time I visit the place despite my love for trying something new. Very recommended!

And for dessert – Mousse au chocolat and Crème brûlée – generous portions of beautiful desserts.IMG_9896

This is perhaps not the place for those on a hardcore diet, however, if you go for fish for main and some light dessert like …sorbets (this is the one with less fat) – you can enjoy a wonderful meal without too many unwanted calories – good balance! Otherwise, would I recommend this place for a cheat meal? Totally! Also, a good decision would be to share one Starter and Dessert. So take your loved one and have a beautiful French date in London. Finish it with a French kiss of course…


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