Best Healthy Cookbooks on my shelf

Reading trend has probably died long ago but what keeps publishers in business nowadays is probably cookbooks. Every month there is a foodie blogger or Instagrammer from ‘made it’. So much inspiration to look at and so many recipes to try it can last us a lifetime. My favourite books, however, are not those you usually see on Instagram and not those widely spoken about. I admire books that are educational as well as inspirational, as at our age of food blogs and food sharing websites, who need just a pretty printed picture? But I have collected them for the past few years and these are the ones who survived my ‘multiple relocations’ test: when things ‘not perfect’ were sold or left behind. Let’s have a look inside them. 

  1. Neal’s Yard Remedies – Healing Foods (RRP £17 , found in TK Maxx) 

This book was probably the first one in my collection. Before, I did not really understand why would you buy a book if everything you request is online nowadays. Answer: we don’t always know what to request. For anyone who’s been living their #EatClena lifestyle for years already and anyone who has just found out that Coca-Cola is not a source of protein – this book is a must. You get more than 175 ingredients explained to you, learning what their benefits are and how to get the most of them, and of course, how to cook them. You get more than 150 amazing healthy and simple recipes, and, moreover, you get pages or meal plans for a day done for you according to your target. These can be; ‘A day of…healthy digestion’, ‘A day of …skin health’ and many more. Do not hesitate for a second if you see it in a bookstore! Also, check out my Asian Marinated Seabass recipe inspired by this book. 


2. Neal’s Yard Remedies – Cook, Brew and Blend Your Own Herbs (RRP £17, found in TK Maxx) 

Another book from Neal’s Yard series and I could not resist buying it after my first one. This, I must say, is probably the next level and may not be interesting to those just starting their healthy lifestyle journey. You learn about different herbs, their benefits an how you may use them in your daily life. It has a lot of delicious recipes but even more skincare and soup products recipes. I personally absolutely love it and hope that writing this post reminded me I have not used it for a while. So keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming natural skincare masks recipes. And in a meanwhile, check out those post in our Beauty section. 

3. Complete Family Nutrition by Jane Clarke (RRP £17) 

Another book with delicious healthy recipes for the whole family. It gives you guidance on nutrition of different product, tips on storage of foods in your fridge and freezer, what and how to eat during pregnancy and at a different age, and finally, how to fight any kind of disease through food. Obviously, healthy recipes come without saying. I think just as the first book on this list -this one is a must-have, especially for those with families. 

4. Vitamins & Minerals by Sara Rose ( RRP £10) 

If you want to take your health to the next level and to stop swallowing handfuls of ‘all in one’ vitamins without knowing what exactly are they good for – this is a book for you. It has all the information about vitamins and supplements: their sources, their benefits and precautions written in a simple accessible language. IT can also help you identify which vitamins to look out for depending on your target: hormone balancing, immune system boost etc. You will not find recipes here, but you will know which foods are the best sources of the vitamins and minerals you look for. 

5. The Ultimate Protein Pow(d)er Cookbook by Anna Sward (RRP $22.95)

An absolute must-have and a life-saver for anyone taking their #fitnesslife seriously. If you have protein shakes daily and are a tiny bit sick of chicken breasts, recipes in this book are simple and delicious and include macros for each serving. Did you know you can make bread, cakes, icecreams, cookies, muffins and even truffles – low carb/fat and high protein to completely match your diet and using different kinds of protein powders? Well, now you know. I have tried so many of the recipes in this book and they saved my life in shredding seasons. Ready to get lots of use os it starting in March again. Also, if the book is not on your table just yet but you are intrigued, check out my Fitness Desserts page.  

6. Super Clean Super Foods (RRP £14.99) 

Not much to say about this book. But not because it is not worth thousands of words. This one will make a perfect gift for anyone starting their healthy life journey – it explains different ingredients which anyone can get from the basic supermarket, it is colourful and vibrant, has charts and explanations (e.g. ‘what is a superfood?’ ‘ why should you eat this?’) as well as simple recipes. It is probably most similar to the first NY’s book on this list, but with more basic ingredients and more engaging. Have a look…

7. Soulmate Food – Fitness Gourmet 

The last but not the least. As any person who is more or less into healthy lifestyle blogging, looking at all those Instagrammers ‘who made it’ to publishing, I was secretly imagining what my book would look like. I thought it will be not like others (of course that is what we all think): I would write about how do you actually tailor your diet for yourself, when do you eat certain foods and how to understand macros. I would divide recipes by time of the day you shall eat them at. And then I saw ‘my future amazing book’ on the bookstore shelf. Funny to say, I felt sad for a second…everything was already created in this world! I, of course, bought it to study ‘the competition’ in and out. This is a great book for those willing to get fit, get lean or get muscle. you do not need a personal nutritionist, this book will help you to become your own! Learn everything you need to know about proteins and carbs, and fats, and liquids, and metabolism,  and much more. Recipes also look mouthwatering, but, I must say, quite lengthy too. 


These are not all the books I own but those, which I feel are least knows and most useful to share with you. I am now always looking out for a new book, even though there are so many apps and websites available. Because I know every now and again I pick one from the shelf and I look through it always finding something I have not seen before, getting inspired and keeping myself on the right track.

Have you seen the book you now want? Do you have any book which you think is worth talking about? Please share in comments below!


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